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All Gold Prices at MSR during Festive Season!

0 December 13, 2017 in Bulletins by msrnews
The Newsgroup have continued to drop prices of popular branded chocolate as we head into the festive period, with fantastic offers on Terry's All Gold, Maltesers and Fox's Biscuits.

The luxurious Terry's All Gold chocolate box is perfect as a gift or to share with family and friends, and with a typical retail price of £8.45, this a huge bargain. The 380g box is now available at all MSR stores for only £2.99.

Elsewhere in store, massive 360g Malteser boxes are also just £2.99, again ideal for yourself or a friend. Fox's Vinnie's biscuit selection is also available at the Newsgroup, at a slightly higher price of £4, with a delightful selection of quality biscuits for the family.

All products are available in MSR Angel Row, Friar Lane and other selected stores.
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